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“A girl’s father is the first man in her life and probably the most influential.” —David Jeremiah “As a child, I was daddy’s little girl,To me,You hung the moon.You never really realize,How special,A bond really is,Between a father and a daughter.You were there when I was born,Through good times and bad,You’re my daddy,Till the end…”  Read More

While we’re most commonly known for our beautiful castle, we just wanted to shine a light on one of our more hidden treasures: the Oak Tree Ceremony Location. The space is magical with a quieter and more intimate feel, tucked beneath our handsome oaks. Reminiscent of a church with our recommended chair configuration, there’s a  Read More

While you were away, our Castle had a little time for some self-love! We’re beyond excited to present the new and improved Amy Strong Castle! We’ve updated pieces of these historic halls that haven’t been touched in one hundred years while still maintaining their rustic charm. Most of the changes blend in so seamlessly that  Read More

The mountains surrounding the castle haven’t been this green and radiant in ages, and we love how nice of a backdrop they act as for our weddings. These paper flowers below were made by the Bride and Groom and looked so cute in their centerpieces! They really enhance all our favorite spring colors and deepen the  Read More

Finding the color palette that works for you is a big challenge, but once you find something that fits your personality and what you want in your wedding, the rest is “simple.”

“Ghosted” by a Ghost? San Diego Union-Tribune’s Regina Elling, of the Ramona Sentinel, recently walked the halls of our beautiful Castle, searching for anything hiding in the shadows. Due to our alluring history for dabbling with the supernatural, we tend to transform into a hotspot for San Diego spiritualists during this time of the year.  Read More