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Choosing which colors are best for your wedding is one of the hardest decisions. The experts make it look easy to find colors that are not too bright, yet not too dull. While also making sure they appeal to all your guests and absolutely do not clash. Once you can finally pick the perfect colors that fit you, the rest should fall into place.


bride holding colorful wedding bouquet full of 2021 wedding colors hot pink yellow green white flowers and dark blue ribbonsAlicia Wiley Photography

We’re seeing lots of bold statement colors such as Sunny Yellows and Papaya Orange. Whether people need the “pick-me-up” color after the dreariness of 2020, or it’s just all the 90’s babies finally getting hitched, beautiful and bold colors are all abuzz.


white bohemian wedding bouquet with anthurium carnations and painted sun palm leavesYou Look Lovely Photography

The Bohemian neutrals are thriving for couples who want a chic neutral color palette with a more exotic natural energy. Taupe, Ivory, and Pale Peachy Blush tones are in high demand for bridesmaids’ dresses. Integrate many different textures to keep the details in your decor from getting lost in themselves. Added visual interest, such as pampas grass or textured table linens, will add depth. Try incorporating darker accent colors, such as black, to give your wedding a more formal, sophisticated look.   


closeup of hanging plants succulents cactus in macrame holders Elle Golden Photography

Many different shades of green are becoming a hot new trend. From Bridesmaids’ dresses to Tux colors, Sage, Matcha, Olive, and even Emerald are the new craze. These are all fantastic shades to pair with many other colors, like a Rusty Terracotta, Creamy Beige, or even Charcoal.

Finding the color palette that works for you is a big challenge, but once you find something that fits your personality and what you want in your wedding, the rest is “simple.”

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