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While you were away, our Castle had a little time for some self-love!

We’re beyond excited to present the new and improved Amy Strong Castle! We’ve updated pieces of these historic halls that haven’t been touched in one hundred years while still maintaining their rustic charm. Most of the changes blend in so seamlessly that the differences would go completely unnoticed without an experienced eye! Since we get busier each year, we’ve also made a few exciting additions to the original layout to help fill our modern event needs.

Smooth, Leveled Patio Areas

One of the biggest risks of maintaining this beautiful Castle was the hazard of guests wearing heels on the original stone patios. We’ve kept the original look in mind but replaced the century-old stones with new ones and leveled the natural slopes that came from countless happy feet. Now, heels need not fear getting stuck in a crack, and ankles everywhere thank us for renovating these popular areas at the front and back of the Castle.

Updated Roof

Another part of the Castle that required a major renovation was the roof! Unfortunately, with events every weekend of the year, the opportunity to take on this enormous project seemed ever elusive. Thankfully, 2020 gave us the perfect amount of time to tackle this update! It also ensured that it was done with the utmost care to preserve the original look as much as possible. If you’re familiar with the history of our Castle, you’d know that it was purposely built without levels or markers to create straight lines. Thus, this renovation project involved many custom designs, but it was worth all the extra work! Now, the Castle is an even more beautiful backdrop for our Castle Front Ceremonies and Upper Lawn receptions.

New Built-In Bar

Our vendors can’t decide which they’re more excited about between a complete face-lift in the kitchen and this incredible new addition to the Upper Lawn reception area. This built-in bar comes with all the bells and whistles, meaning your guests will enjoy a modern craft cocktail experience as they enjoy the natural beauty the mountains offer.

A Second Lower Lawn Shaded Gazebo Area

Passing the new Bar and down the stairs at the Lower Lawn Reception Site, we added another stone gazebo to shade the space where our clients tend to place their welcome tables, head tables, or dessert stations during their event. The first gazebo at this location is used as a kitchen and storage space for our caterers and other vendors. With this second one in such a prime location, we’re sure it will create a stunning shelter for whatever our clients decide to use it for!

We’re ready to hit the ground running with all the events planned for 2021.

Can’t wait to see what your guests think of all the new updates!