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“A girl’s father is the first man in her life and probably the most influential.” —David Jeremiah

Taylor + Colt | Ernie & Fiona Weddings

“As a child, I was daddy’s little girl,
To me,
You hung the moon.
You never really realize,
How special,
A bond really is,
Between a father and a daughter.
You were there when I was born,
Through good times and bad,
You’re my daddy,
Till the end…”

Taylor + Colt | Ernie & Fiona Weddings

“You were there,
When I cried for my dear,
You were better than batman,
And smarter than Einstein.
To me, you’re always,
My superhero.
Not long ago,
You walked me down the aisle,
Though you gave me away,
I’m always your little girl.
Now that I’m grown,
I know you don’t have magic powers,
But still, deep down,
You’re my hero.”

–Daddy’s Little Girl, by Tiffany N. Evans

Thanks to all the proud Dads who have graced our historic halls with their love.

Taylor + Colt | Ernie & Fiona Weddings

We hope you feel appreciated by all of us at Mt. Woodson Castle and beyond.

We wish you all a fantastic Father’s Day!