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While we’re most commonly known for our beautiful castle, we just wanted to shine a light on one of our more hidden treasures: the Oak Tree Ceremony Location.

Aga Jones Photography

The space is magical with a quieter and more intimate feel, tucked beneath our handsome oaks.

Reminiscent of a church with our recommended chair configuration, there’s a sense of reverence that sets in as guests wait for the ceremony to begin. 

Some couples keep it pure, allowing nature around the space to set the tone, while others prefer to take this classic canvas and create their masterpiece. 

Great Woodland Photography

The trees never over impose upon any theme a couple wants to go for; they simply are, and the person’s vision can work with them.

Real Photo SD

Thanks to all of our creative Brides and Grooms for letting their imagination run wild in our Oak Tree ceremony spot.

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Sarah + Taylor | Henry Tieu Photography 

You all continuously surprise us with your ability to transform this space into unique extensions of yourselves.

Thank you to all the talented photographers who can capture this magic as well!