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“Ghosted” by a Ghost?

San Diego Union-Tribune’s Regina Elling, of the Ramona Sentinel, recently walked the halls of our beautiful Castle, searching for anything hiding in the shadows. Due to our alluring history for dabbling with the supernatural, we tend to transform into a hotspot for San Diego spiritualists during this time of the year. In her article, Regina wonders if the spirit of the Castle’s original owner, Amy Strong, has abandoned us without a word. She claims that we have been “Ghosted”, but as we reflect on all of our magical experiences over the years, perhaps the Castle has enchanted us! We are deeply under the spell of our fantastic clients and loyal vendors, hopelessly in love with what we do as an event venue here in Ramona.

To be deadly serious, we see what she means.

For the first time since our partnership with Personal Touch Dining, which began over a decade ago, the corridors and kitchens are eerily still. We miss the 100+ events per year that brought so much warmth to our stone walls. Due to the shutdowns caused by Covid-19, that energy is all but a whisper in the wind. The love and laughter that used to echo in the halls was the life’s blood to our cause, and the Castle thrives when it is filled to the brim with spirited guests dancing the night away in our Grand Hall. Ceo of Personal Touch Dining, Tracy Zemke once stated, that she’s never felt alone or afraid under our roof, only welcome. “So if Amy’s spirit is here, she likes what we’re doing,” she said.

Thankfully, the one benefit of this year’s unexpected time-off is that our Castle has never been in such great shape! Our Castle employees have been possessed by the drive to polish up every nook and cranny. Keep an eye out for a big reveal coming soon about some of our top-secret projects aimed to take our historic charm to new heights!

Hopefully, with the start of the new year, our guests will appreciate the resurrection of this gorgeous venue’s splendor!

Thanks to Regina Elling of the San Diego Union-Tribune Ramona Sentinel for visiting one of San Diego’s most popular “haunts” for weddings and events!

We love any opportunity to share our Castle’s unique history.

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