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It’s your big day as a couple, so be sure to add a bit of your unique blend of “spice!”

Along with the newest wedding colors, 2021 is the year of ultimate wedding customizations. Couples are all about intention when planning the details for their events. They’re looking to create a visualization of their relationship for their guests that will appeal to all of the senses. This means extra attention is paid to the guest experience from the happy couple. If you’re looking to add that special “something” to your wedding, look no further. We have compiled a bit of inspiration that you can add to your wedding, making it an experience your guests will never forget.

Welcome Boxes

Distance Party To-Go Box, "Grazing"
Photography- True Photography Welcome Box- Personal Touch Dining

There are so many welcome gifts that have become a new standard for couples to give–and generally have available– to their wedding guests now. It seems like it’d be odd not to offer cute personalized hand sanitizers and optional masks, but what about programs and take-home favors too? Instead of assuming your guests have space in their pockets to fit all these fun trinkets, giving them a box filled with everything they could need from the start is the perfect solution. Guest-centered details like this are blowing up in popularity since so many weddings have been downsized. As a wedding favor that they can actually use at the wedding, these boxes act as a thoughtful way to make your loved ones feel that they’re cared for on your wedding day.

Heart-Touching Tablescapes

Joy + Mauro | Paige Hill Photography

Table designs are flourishing with custom linens, handwritten thank you notes, and elaborate food service displays. In theory, since there are fewer guests per table, there is more space to build your dream tablescape design. (We can all thank Pinterest for making us acutely aware of gorgeous stylized shoots.) Luxury linens, layered china, candles, and multicolored crystal glassware are sure to be prominent this Spring season and through the Fall.

Something Spontaneous

Mandy + Billy | Aga Jones Photography

As we’ve mentioned, 2021 wedding trends—reflective of more intimate affairs—are all about going deep into the details and accompanying experiences. Why not include an element of surprise or spontaneity? Whether it’s having a mentalist perform or asking a celeb to sing your first dance song over Zoom, the options to delight your guests are endless.

Reducing a sauce will bring out its strongest flavors, and having smaller weddings allows couples to focus on smaller details. Adding in dashes of spice in the form of the couple’s unique personalities might be the right amount of quirky to be seen as spontaneous. Guests eat that up. We’ve seen caricature artists, palm and tarot readers, even custom haiku writers at our events, but waiting in the wings; we know even wilder interactive experiences await!

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