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Many couples are leaning towards intimate Weekday Weddings in 2020-2021. The most apparent proponent being the unpredictable COVID-19 shutdowns that are as unprecedented and out of control of couples as their vendors. Thus, every event must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis due to frequently changing rules. So, between virtual ceremony substitutions, social distancing requirements, and general costs of an entire nation postponing their grand occasions, weekday weddings are a terrific solution!

Minimums for your Max Enjoyment!

The wallet-wise bride knows something you don’t! A surprising number of Brides in 2020, pre-COVID, were already planning on their weddings being on weekdays. It’s not because of the old wives’ tale claiming that Wednesday is the luckiest day to get married, while couples who marry on a Monday will be wealthy, and those who do it on a Tuesday will be blessed with good health. Truthfully, wedding ceremony and reception venues typically offer reduced fees and lower food and beverage minimums for weekday weddings.

Many venues require vendors to be from a list of approved businesses. A weekday wedding, especially on a Monday, might mean your specific team of carefully cultivated vendors can all still be with you if you change the day. These vendors are fully committed to you and want to make your dream wedding happen.

Happier Honeymoons!

Imagine what fun upgrades could be available to make your dream day all you could have imagined with all the money saved! Luxurious lounge areas, decadent dessert stations, or guest activities during the receptions could become a reality when just out of reach before.

What about spending that money on upgrading your honeymoon! Splurge on that dream location, or extend the trip. This romantic escape is the start of your new lives together, so if you’ve got the extra cash, make it as memorable as possible!

Affordable Accommodations!

Weekday weddings can also benefit your guests as flights, hotels, and rental cars are all less expensive during the week. Bring in friends and family over the weekend to get comfortable before the big day. With a weekday wedding, there’s flexibility with scheduling events. A full week of bridal events for the family would make your wedding one to remember, and for all the right reasons (COVID who?). Start with the welcome party, then the rehearsal dinner, followed by the big day, and finally, a recovery brunch the morning after! This way, everyone truly gets to enjoy the locale, and the wedding day awkwardness of two families joining will be forgotten.

Talk It Out.

Bottom line, with everything 2020 has thrown at us, the day your wedding falls on is such a minor detail. Discuss the details with your significant other, and establish where your wedding day priorities are. To some, the specific date or venue is what matters most. Some want the grand scale and can’t imagine downsizing. Consider everything and then try to move forward as best as you can.

Prioritize your safety and continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and group gatherings. Remember: Your love remains the same, no matter the day of the week.