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Sweeping views of Mt. Woodson Summit behind us to the West. Sprawling greens of the manicured golf course to the North. The open fields of golden grasses and the natural beauty of our noble Grand Oaks to the South. Even inside the Castle, where our rustic architecture shines, everywhere you turn, there is an idyllic location for your First Look.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite examples for your perusal, but no matter where you choose, all of the views around us are spectacular for this must-have moment on your special day!


In and Around the Castle

Front Patio Hallway: Unparralelled natural lighting, exquisite original hand-carved Kitchen door, and countless angles for both Bride and Groom’s perspectives. This space is a photographer’s dream for dramatic, romantic photos!

Ali Art and Photography

Any Side-Rooms: Copious amounts of unique character, maintained from the original painted decorations, fill our quiet rooms off the main corridor. From the old Smoking Room to the Zodiac Room, each of these historic spaces are sure to give your First Look that one-of-a-kind feel!

Kalon Weddings

Front Fountain Patio: More unique architecture everywhere you turn! Whether the focus is on our historic rain-spout fountain, the charming windows with their quaint rustic feel, or the captivating grace of our Windmill, every angle is a win for an incredible backdrop.

True Photography

Back Patio Steps: For an angled perspective, these steps in the view of the Bridal Suite’s sunroom have multiple points perfect for perching and anxious Groom or an overjoyed father!

Chris Keeley Photography


Oak Tree Ceremony Path: Secluded and intimate, the shady space beneath our gorgeous Oaks offers you a First Look among the abundance of natural beauty and multiple angles for a photographer to catch every precious second of a happy couple’s special moment.

Real Photo SD

Back Field: Few places are as ironically “rustic romantic” than a field of tall grass swaying in the breeze. Photographers can always find a spot in our Back Field to suit the tastes of any couple thanks to the open terrain and unlimited possibilities.

Gabriel Conover Photography

Look-Out Point: Hidden, back behind our Windmill, and next to the kitchen entrance, we’ve built a secret spot overlooking the golf course. This location is host to innumerable combinations of First Look arrangements, so look for one of our recommended photographers to help guide you according to your preferences!

Chris Keeley Photography

Lower Lawn Tiers: Another option for multi-leveled angles for that perfect shot of this magical moment! This spot is excellent for couples who are looking for a little bit of privacy, crave a unique location, and want plenty of natural beauty without having to hike to find it.

Kami Olavarria Photography

Come by during one of our many Open Houses to explore the grounds at your leisure, or ask our fantastic Coordination Team!

With their extensive knowledge about the Castle grounds, tell them what you want, and they’ll point you in the right direction for your perfect First Look location!