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Once upon a time,

A humble blogger was presented the opportunity to tell the tale of Lindsey and James’

magical Wedding and Reception at a hidden castle tucked deep into the hills of Ramona…


Our story begins high in the tower where Lindsey prepared for the grand event with the help of her friends and family.



Radiant with joy, she was ready to surprise her Prince Charming who had been preparing as well in a far-away land for the night’s festivities.



James was the picture of confidence!

Not a nerve was trembling as he awaited his lady-love for their First Look.



The forest was still, all manner of creatures held their breath in anticipation of the big moment!




The spell was broken at last and James, beholding his beautiful Bride was overjoyed.



Like a heavenly body, both Groom and Bride shone brighter than the sun once reunited.



The ceremony was on the Castle’s Front Lawn and subjects from both kingdoms flocked to witness the momentous occasion.



Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for: they were pronounced Husband and Wife!



All who were present rejoiced and the quiet valley erupted in celebration.



To their joined nations they were officially introduced: Mr. and Mrs. Kuykendall.

Mirror from CC Vintage Rentals


Beauty such as that of the decorations and floral masterpieces had never been witnessed before!

Florals by Sugar Rose Flowers


Legend shall tell of the elegance and charm that reached every corner of the Castle’s Upper Lawn where guests sat in wonder at their seats.

Florals by Sugar Rose Flowers


Love, truly, seemed to be everywhere…

LOVE sign from CC Vintage Rentals


The space was alight with the golden glow from the candles reflected in the accents upon the tabletops.



Revelers feasted upon the highest of delicacies from the Castle’s kitchens and not a soul was left hungry. 

Cake by Flour Power


For their first act as Husband and Wife, cutting a splendid slice of delicious cake marked the beginning of their wedded journey, moving through life together.



Dancing and laughter commenced as the line between worlds blurred, and all those present could feel the magic of the night.



Iridescent bubbles caught the light guided the couple back to the mortal realm.

There all passed on their blessings to end the wondrous celebration. 



Thus was the beginning of Lindsey and James’ next great adventure, 

And they lived

Happily Ever After.


Thanks to Lindsey and James for choosing to share their special day with us here at Mt. Woodson Castle!

Thanks also to the vendors tagged above, All Good Things Photography for the gorgeous pictures, and especially Personal Touch Dining who Caters, Manages, and Coordinates all our events!