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Our Great Hall is one of the most versatile spaces at our Castle.



The peak of Mt. Woodson rests at 2,881 feet above sea level with our beautiful Castle just below.

We might be just a skip away from Poway and it’s Southern California weather, but its like we get actual seasons up here! Just a bit further down the freeway from us and you hit Julian, San Diego’s small town mountain get-away where tourists flock to get a taste of the real snow during the winter.

We can plan anything for your wedding, but we can’t plan the weather. 

So if the forecast for your big day begins to look wet and cold, we have many solutions, and our favorite is using our Great Hall. 



Here, we’ve got an example of a smaller sized party, but we can fit many round tables into this space as well. In one day our team can flip the space from ceremony, to dinner service, and clear the room for dancing as well! 


Thanks to True Photography for this awesome angle shot featured above!


For this particular wedding, we cleared half of the tables to give lots of room for end of the night festivities. 



Our Great Hall allows for solutions to any situations that might arise. Plus, the natural stone and original painted ceiling pillars accentuate any regal decor you had in mind. 


Special thanks to Personal Touch Dining for providing the Management and staff for all of our events!