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Upper Lawn Receptions | San Diego Event Venues | Mt. Woodson Castle

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Photographer: Chana and Don. Photo Bus: “Mobile Groovin’ Bus” from Sound Prodigy

Our Upper Lawn Reception Area is the perfect spot for fully utilizing the best parts of our gorgeous Castle!

Photographer: Wilbur Studios

This area is spacious while still intimate enough for large guest counts to feel included in the festivities.


Photographer: Marie Monforte Photography

Our coordinators know many varieties of layouts to best accommodate your inspired design!


Photographer: Wilbur Studios

The sweetheart or head table usually goes in the center of the lawn, closest to the patio entrance. The view of the Castle and mountains in the background create a romantic rustic backdrop for the perfect pictures.


Photographer: Marie Monforte Photography

The Castle has heaters on site specifically for this Upper Lawn area that can be rolled out in a pinch if some chilly weather decides to sneak in.


Photographer: Wilbur Studios

With the designated bar area on the back patio, your guests have easy access to libations there and inside the castle where our non-alcoholic beverage station provides access to coffee and cold beverages all night!


Photographer: Chana and Don. Photo Bus: “Mobile Groovin’ Bus” from Sound Prodigy

Couples love how conveniently DJ Pat’s “Mobile Groovin'” Photo Bus, or any other photobooth, can roll right up to the party on our driveway for their guest’s entertainment!


Photographer: Chana and Don

At the end of the night, everyone is encouraged to move inside for dancing! Our Great Room is the best place to conclude the evening where everyone can bust out their favorite dance moves and warm up by our fireplace.


Thanks to all of the amazing photographers and vendors for their constant dedication to our clients and events!

Mt. Woodson Castle is Coordinated, Managed, and Catered by Personal Touch Dining.



Jade + Garrett | Gabriel Conover Photography | San Diego Event Venue

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Jade and her bridesmaids got ready in our cozy Bridal Suite where Gabriel Conover Photography was able to capture some gorgeous detail shots that make our beloved Castle seem so rich with history.



Their personal floral arrangements, such as the bouquets and boutonnieres, were crafted by Tiny Victories and we loved the pops of pale purple they were able to incorporate! 



Garrett and Jade decided to do a First Look before the ceremony out in our field beneath the Oaks and the scene was magical.



They took this opportunity to sneak in a few more fun pictures with their extensive Bridal Party before the ceremony on our Upper Lawn Area.



It’s so pretty when Bridesmaids have their dresses in varying shades of a similar color!



For the ceremony on the Upper Lawn area in front of our castle, Jade’s long romantic dress train was absolutely stunning.



She and Garrett shared their heartfelt vows, leaving not a dry eye in the crowd, and then shared a kiss to seal the deal!



We’ve said it before, but we can’t help obsessing a little over the lighting and backdrop these ceremonies offer, giving everyone that “I just got married” glow.



The cocktail hour began directly after the ceremony on the Upper Lawn Reception space and Personal Touch Dining served Mini Italian Meatballs, Mac & Cheese Bites with Bacon Aioli, and Tomato Basil Bisque Shooters with Grilled Cheese Points for the guests to snack on.

Garrett and Jade requested a different layout than what we usually do in this area, but with their smaller guest count it worked out flawlessly and we loved it!



Their Sweetheart Table was at the top of the hill looking down at their guests, utilizing the castle again as their backdrop. It was much like how our Lower Reception area is naturally set up, and the decor was simple with gold accents to balance out the vibrant magenta linens they chose.



Their Grand Entrance was followed by their first dance on the Castle’s main entrance.



For dinner, Personal Touch Dining served a Strawberry Spinach Salad with Toasted Almonds and Goat Cheese. This was paired with Fresh In-Season Vegetables, decadent Gruyere Potatoes Au Gratin, Mediterranean Chicken, and their Citrus & Oregano Marinated Tri-Tip. 

Toasts finished off the evening outside and everyone was encouraged to move inside the Castle for the rest of the evening’s festivities!



Inside, after a quick wardrobe change, Garrett and Jade had their Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances in a slightly different fashion: Dance Battles!



Thankfully, everyone is a winner with this much love in the room and they played the Wedding Shoe Game where questions from the guests were asked about Jade and Garrett’s relationship, such as “who snores the loudest.” The happy couple had to sit back to back with one of each other’s shoes in hand. As the questions were asked, they would raise the shoe of the person they thought fit the question without knowing the other’s answer. 



As you can imagine, hilarity ensued and the game was wrapped up by some dancing and a quick cake cutting! Personal Touch Dining then opened up a dessert bar with Lemon and Red Velvet Cake Shooters, Churros with caramel and chocolate sauce, brownie bars, and an assortment of doughnuts! There was no sweet tooth left unsatisfied.



Thanks to Garrett and Jade for choosing to celebrate their amazing day with us here at the Castle. We loved being a part of your love!

Thanks also to Gabriel Conover for these stunning pictures!

Mt. Woodson Castle is Managed, Coordinated, and Catered by Personal Touch Dining.


Johnnie + Clayton | Sharp Family Studios | Mt. Woodson Castle

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Blushing Beauty

Clayton and Johnnie were so fun to work with on their special day here at the Castle. They were lighthearted, excited, and always had on a smile! 


Johnnie’s florals, including the table centerpieces, were done by the family and we can’t get over how beautiful all these blush-tones were. Tiny pops of navy and silvery eucalyptus really made the pinks stand out and this pattern carried over to the rest of their decor as well.


The ceremony was out on our front lawn where guests watched the nuptials with the Castle in the background.


Sharp Family Studios was able to capture this priceless moment of Clayton as Johnnie came towards him down the aisle. 


Their ceremony was performed by Reverend Christopher Tuttle who kept with the happy couple’s jovial mood and delivered a genuine warm service.


The guests went wild at the end of the vows when these two were officially announced as Husband and Wife!


The pictures taken in front of our Castle really are some of our favorites… The lighting is always perfect for that romantic “I Just Got Married” Glow.


Clayton and Johnnie enjoyed a little sunshine as their guests moved over to the cocktail hour for drinks and tasty appetizers served by Personal Touch Dining. 


Dinner was served on our Lower Lawn area, where Johnnie and Clayton shared their first dance.


After Dinner, Personal Touch Dining also provided desserts for guests to satisfy their sweet-tooths. There were churros, brownies, carrot cake bites, lemon bars, and the list keeps going! Every style of sugary craving was met and guests were delighted!


For the rest of the night, DJ Bill Calhoun from Mobile Music rocked the dance floor and everyone danced the night away!

Congratulations Johnnie and Clayton!!

Your wedding was a huge success and we loved being a part of every minute of it.

Thanks also to all the amazing vendors who came and helped out!

Mt. Woodson Castle Managed, Coordinated and Catered by Personal Touch Dining

Rachel + Matt | Valerie Lendvay Photography | San Diego Event Venues

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These two had a keen eye for details!


We absolutely loved the floral arrangements by Sweet DIYGs with those gorgeous succulent statement pieces.

Florals by Sweet DIYGs

This bow tie by Brackish for Matt was so fun and unique!

Bow Tie from Brackish


We so appreciate being included in beautiful special wedding traditions!

Matt and Rachel’s wedding followed some traditional Jewish practices that we seldom get to see and we were honored that they shared the experience with us.

The Groom’s Tisch

Seen above, this is a moment where the Groom can be together with his Father, his future wife’s Father, the Rabbi, and any other male friends and family to pray and celebrate with him.  


While the Groom is away, the Bride gets to have her own reception with all the women!

Usually the livelier gathering, the bride sits on an attractive throne surrounded by her attendants, close family members, and friends while she receives guests and well-wishers. As musicians play, her friends dance in front of and around her.


These ceremonies are often done in the privacy of a family member’s home, but since the Bridal Party got ready here at the castle, they decided to have it with us!


The Ketubah

ketubah signing ceremony is traditionally held shortly before the actual wedding ceremony instead of after.


Much like with a marriage license, the couple chooses two witnesses (not blood relatives) to sign the ketubah with them along with a Rabbi and family.


Rachel and Matt were married on a gorgeous San Diego December day here at our Oak Tree Ceremony site.  

Breaking of the Glass under the Huppah

The Huppah is almost always present during the Jewish ceremonies here at the castle and they can be simple or elaborate according to the wishes of the families.


According to an article by Kim Forrest called 14 Jewish Wedding Traditions and What They Mean posted on, “during the final moments of a wedding ceremony, the groom breaks a glass (usually wrapped in a cloth napkin or bag to avoid injury!) with his right foot. The couple will then usually kiss, and guests shout ‘Mazel Tov!’ meaning ‘Congratulations!”



These two cuties make our heart gush with how loving and sweet they were to each other!


We can tell that their Bridal Party was fully supportive of their marriage…(wink, wink!)


All the guests were encouraged to join the Happy Couple in our Grand Hall for the hora!

According to the article on WeddingWire, the hora is a “joyful dance” which occurs “usually either immediately after the newlyweds enter the reception room or after the first dance. As traditional Jewish music plays, guests dance in circles and the couple is seated on chairs and hoisted into the air, where they may hold either side of a handkerchief or cloth napkin.”


Thanks to Rachel and Matt for allowing us to be part of their special day and a huge shoutout to Valerie Lendvay Photography for sharing these stunning photos!

And as always, thanks to Personal Touch Dining for the Coordination Team, Management Staff, and Catering of our beloved Castle!


Lower Lawn Receptions | San Diego Event Venues

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Tiers of Joy…


Our Lower Lawn Reception area has multiple tiered levels that can comfortably accommodate large party numbers without obscuring the view for your guests.  

Photo by True Photography


Much like a stage platform, and modeled after Great Rooms in medieval castles, this space is built for entertaining!

Photo by Anika London Photography


Instantly feel like royalty as space prompts everyone present to focus on you.

Photo by Chana and Don


The depth to each upper tier has plenty of room to fit our full-sized tables and is very safe. No need to worry about anyone taking an accidental tumble.

Photo by ABM Photography


The lowest tier, or main level, is flat and very wheelchair friendly with built-in ramp access to the side from our driveway for quick drop-off and pick-up options.

Photo by True Photography


The flat open space allows for a large dance floor area, endless table arrangments, and easily workable locations on the sides for vendors!

Photo by Marie Monforte Photography


Smaller groups are always welcome to use the space as well! There’s no such thing as too much space when entertaining.

Photo by True Photography


Feasting tables, wider than average banquet tables, look so natural on this main floor.

Photo by A Slice of Life Photography

If you have any questions about our Lower Lawn reception area, feel free to contact us!

Our coordinating team is happy to help!


Thanks to all the amazing photographers for the wonderful photos and to Personal Touch Dining for providing the Coordination, Management, and Catering for our Castle!


Annalyn + Timothy | True Photography | Mt. Woodson Castle

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Ethereal and Sweet


We love Annalyn’s gorgeous Baby’s Breath flower crown and her all-white bouquet!

Having flowers such as these evokes a picture of an innocent and pure love that they wanted to reflect throughout their event.


Timothy and his Groomsmen were all ready for this rainy day on the mountain with their stormy grey suits and pastel mint ties.


The Bridesmaids matched the boys’ ties with their beautiful dresses and brought the spring feeling with the romantic wispy material.


Have we mentioned how much we love True Photography for their exquisite eye for details and use of angles?!

They always catch us by surprise with pictures like these where the lighting is perfect and rooms that tend to get forgotten are shocked back to life!


Because of the mountain weather, Annalyn and Timothy opted for the indoor ceremony where their guests could be warm and dry.


This is a cozy and intimate atmosphere where all the guests feel included in the happy couple’s most important moments.


For dessert, Timothy and Annalyn asked Personal Touch Dining to serve doughnuts to the guests instead of a wedding cake!

This practice is growing in popularity and Personal Touch can even provide a doughnut wall to better display the sweet treats!


Working with Timothy and Annalyn was wonderful.

We appreciated their “no-fuss, just love” mentality because it reminded us of our purpose behind throwing these kinds of events.

Joseph + Janae | Slice of Life Photography | Mt. Woodson Castle

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A playful twist on a classic black tie wedding


Black and ivory linens with gold accents created a formal atmosphere here at the castle for Janae and Joeseph’s wedding.

Their choice to have patterned ties and other splashes of flair added a bit of fun to the otherwise serious tones!


Their Welcome Table featured some sweet treats to set the charming tone for the night’s festivities.

Eucalyptus was a gorgeous addition to nearly every focal point thanks to KO Floral Designs who did all of the arrangements and the silvery-green leaves brought some life to all of the darker tones.


These cross-back chairs are an elegant extra touch to really bring the rustic feel to a classic space together!


We’re all about rustic touches here and there if the Bride and Groom want to soften their look. Most of these decorations live here at the castle for couples to use free of charge! This gives your wedding a thoughtful and very detailed look without breaking the budget.


Joseph and his Groomsmen lounged in our Groom’s Room while they waited for the ceremony to begin. We love these kinds of glamour shots that give it such an old-fashioned feel!


The ceremony, down under our oak trees, was flanked by lush green floral pieces and tall white pillar candles to romanticize the space even more. 


Janae was luminous in her beauty, lighting up every room she entered.


For dinner, Personal Touch Dining started with a Cucumber Ring Salad with blue cheese, red onions, candied pecans, and their signature purple orchid. 

The entree options were either Seared Salmon or Filet Mignon with Garlic Risotto and Petite Carrots.


Family-fun was obviously such an important aspect of Janae and Joseph’s life and we loved witnessing their little family flourish!


For dessert, the happy couple asked Personal Touch Dining to set up an Ice Cream Sandwich Station for their guests. It came with two types of cookies and two different ice creams so the guests could mix and match their orders however they wanted!


Along with the Ice Cream Sandwich Station, they provided extra desserts for guests to nibble on while they danced the rest of the night away!

Thanks to Slice of Life Photography for these wonderful pictures and Joseph and Janae for choosing us to be part of their big day!

Big thanks, as always, goes out to the Mt. Woodson team for all of their hard work from setup to breakdown!

Mt. Woodson Castle Managed, Coordinated, and Catered by Personal Touch Dining.


Spring-spiration! | Mt. Woodson Castle

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The weather is clearing up and this San Diego Super Bloom has got all of us crazy with Spring Fever!

Photo by True Photography

The mountains surrounding the castle haven’t been this green and radiant in ages and we’re loving how nice of a backdrop they act as for our weddings.


These paper flowers below were made by the Bride and Groom and looked so cute in their centerpieces!

Photo by True Photography


They really enhance all our favorite spring colors and deepen the range of hues for photographers to work with.


This gorgeous bouquet below was made by Janna Hatch at Floral Occasion.

Photo by Jessica Lynn Photography


So shake out those light suits! Bring us those baby blues and precious pinks!

Photo by True Photography


Maybe if we throw our all into welcoming this warm spring weather, it’ll stick around!

Photo by True Photography


Look at this adorable ceremony space!


These vintage doors are light and airy and we can’t get over how perfect the flower boxes look at the base!


As always, a big round of applause goes to Personal Touch Dining for the Management and Catering of our castle.


Thanks also to all of the photographers and florists mentioned for all these fun Spring pics to get us in the mood to start this Wedding Season! 

Photo by Harmony Haft Photography

Resa + James | Next to Me Studios | Mt. Woodson Castle

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Such a vibrant couple! We absolutely loved working with James, Resa, and their families.



All the happy peaches, bright yellows, and spring greens took this fall wedding back into summer.


Instead of a first look, Resa and James exchanged letters before the ceremony.


The ceremony was in front of the castle and white paper parasols were provided for the guests to block the sun. The backdrop for their vows was a beautifully simple frame to hold the colorful strings of paper cranes. 


The 1000 paper cranes, hand-folded by the Bride, symbolize hope and are believed to grant the maker a wish.


Instead of flowers, the ringbearers had bubble guns to usher the bride down the aisle!


The exquisite florals were done by Lovely Stems Floral. 


After dinner, Jesa performed a special Hula for James and her family.


Inside the castle, everyone enjoyed themselves dancing the night away thanks to Quantum Party Productions‘ choice music selections and dressing up at Pixster’s photobooth.


Personal Touch Dining helped with the display of James and Resa’s favorite candies on their Candy Bar. They also decked out the cake table with some awesome sweet treats!


Thanks again to James and Resa for choosing us to spend their big day with! Huge thanks also go out to Next to Me Studios for all these stunning photos as well as the Managing staff, catering staff, and food all provided through Personal Touch Dining.

None of this would have been possible without this amazing team!


The Great Escapes! | Mt. Woodson Castle

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It’s finally the end of the most wonderful,

probably the most hectic,

night of a couple’s life.

Why not go out in style for their Grand Exit?


Photo by True Photography

Much like celebrities, the Bride and Groom are never without their dutiful

paparazzi (aka the photographers),

who are shuffling them from one picture pose to the next.

Everything is very controlled, not often candid, and even all the fun bits are

closely monitored and documented. 


Photo by Jarrod J. Photography

Finally, the Grand Exit arrives and the Bride and Groom can

see the light at the end of the tunnel,

sometimes literally.


Photo by Savoring The Sweet Life

We’ve seen guests make tunnels out of their arms, glow sticks,

and even streamers for the lucky couple to run through!



Other times, the Grand Exit is seen as the last chance

to make a statement and some couples take flight in a get-away mobile!


Photo by True Photography

We’ve had everything from motorcycles to a Jurassic Park Jeep

fully equipped with an animatronic dinosaur escort our couples off-site. 



Seeing as we’re at a historic site in the middle of the Mt. Woodson country-side,

we do have a few things we ask that you DO NOT include in your great escape:


  • Please, no sparkler/firesticks/fire-works or any form of portable pyrotechnics. The castle and the critters around us appreciate our trees, so we try to keep them far from anything that would reduce them to cinders.
  • Please, no rice or small candies that the wild-life could ingest. (We’ve noticed that sick/dead animals tend to put a damper on wedding celebrations.)
  • Please, no glitter/confetti or feathers. If anyone has had a craft explosion in their home, they know glitter can especially be the stuff of nightmares. The extra effort by our staff to collect all your sparkles from our natural rock crevices will come out of your deposit, just be warned.


Things we DO encourage are: Glow Sticks, Natural Rose Petals,

Bubbles, Streamers/Streamer Sticks, Candles,

Balloons with Lights inside, Eco-Friendly Confetti, Ribbon Wands,

and the list goes on! 


Photo by Jessica Lynn Photography

Take a minute to discuss options for your Grand Exit with our wonderful

Castle Coordinators! Chances are we’ve seen just about everything

and can answer any questions you’ve got.

Photo by Vin Le Photography

Thanks to all the photographers who are featured here

for these awesome action shots! Also big thanks as always

to Personal Touch Dining for the amazing Management

and Catering of our Castle.