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Oak Trees Ceremony |Nicole and Isaiah| True Photography | San Diego Wedding Venue

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Nicole and Isaiah got married under our ever-so-gorgeous Oak Trees and took full advantage of our surrounding property. True Photography gave us a look at the newlyweds’ pictures as they ventured onto the extended wilderness of the Castle. After they were pronounced husband and wife, Nicole and Isaiah’s guests were greeted by an open bar on our Upper Lawn. The tables were adorned by wooden slabs and black lanterns, accompanied by greens and florals by Simply Adina Floral Designs.

0107nicole_isaiah_pf 0024nicole_isaiah_pf0030nicole_isaiah_pf






Nicole and Isaiah’s cake towered with layers of cheesecake made by The Incredible Cheesecake and the newlyweds later took night pictures – always a great idea at the Castle!



Additional Vendors:

Catering – Personal Touch Dining 

DJ – Bill Calhoun Mobile Music

Officiant – Ceremonies by Bethel

Video Post | Sarah and Anthony | Side by Side Cinema | San Diego Wedding Venue

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Sarah and Anthony celebrated with us at the Castle back on a beautiful November day.

Check out some highlights from their special day by Side by Side Cinema.

Special thanks to our amazing vendors:

Catering – Personal Touch Dining
Planner – Coastyle Events
Film – SidebySide Cinema
Photography – Heidi-O Photo
Florist – Sugar Rose Flowers
Cake – VGs Bakery
DJ – Ansom Productions

Adding That Special “Something” to Your Wedding

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It’s important that your wedding day is unique to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Themes are a great way to customize a wedding and make it unique to your relationship, but what about making the experience unique for your guests? If you’re looking to add that special “something” to your wedding, look no further. We have compiled a list of special “something’s” that you can add to your wedding, making it an experience your guests will never forget.

Not your typical photo booth: Photo booths are very popular, as they allow guests to document in the moment experiences at your wedding, and have a take away. So how do you take something commonly used and make it your own? Our friends at @SDPhotoBus make the photo booth experience one you and your guests are sure to remember.

san diego photo bus - mt. woodson castlePhoto Credit: Brit Jaye Photography 

Retro cars: Cars aren’t always on newly-weds minds, but consider adding a retro car or truck to your wedding. It makes for a great photo op/accessory and isn’t your typical photo frame that you see at other weddings.

Gustavo + Jen - True Photography Weddings - Mt. Woodson Castle - San Diego, CA (8)Photo CreditTrue Photography Weddings 

1383925_698556516839818_98995006_nPhoto CreditCole Joseph Photography

Mad Libs: This is a fun way to get your guests involved and let them give you newly wed advice! Title your Mad Libs, “Advice for Newly Weds” and allow your guests to fill in the spaces with fun date ideas, things to never argue about, places to visit and secrets to keeping a marriage strong.

Corn hole: It’s a fun way to let your guests let loose and enjoy a fun game between the reception and ceremony, and dancing! For a more personal touch, include initials on the corn hole boards.

Dina and Ben - True Photography Weddings - Mt. Woodson Castle - San Diego Venues (131)

Lacey and Sean - Mt. Woodson Castle - True Photography Weddings - San Diego - California Weddings (50)Photo CreditTrue Photography Weddings 

Giant spin the wheel: You can make this yourself, or buy one and then customize it. Add a giant spin wheel with options to include “Kiss Your Date,” “Moonwalk Back to Your Seat,” “Toast to the Bride and Groom,” “Impromptu Speech” and “You Choose.”

Kristin and Ivan Say Their “I Do’s” | James Tang Photography | San Diego Wedding Venues

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On Saturday, October 17th, 2015, Kristin and Ivan said their “I Do’s” at the beautiful Mt. Woodson Castle. James Tang Photography captured every moment of this special day with perfection! This couple was amazing to work with and the ceremony went  smoothly thanks to Personal Touch Dining. This outgoing and extremely compassionate family had dance moves and energy that we will never forget, and we can thank Sound Prodigy for that!

Organic Elements created amazing bouquets and flower arrangements that gave a lovely design to the special day. We are so excited for Kristin and Ivan and grateful we were apart of their magical day!

Other Vendors to Note: 321 Smile, Be Still Photography

mt. woodson castle, san diego, wedding venue

20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05717 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05719 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05724 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05725 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05729 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05754 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05760
20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05766 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05775 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05777 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05778 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05779 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05780 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05781 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05785 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05787 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05788 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05791 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05792 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05793 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05798 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05802 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05803 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05808 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05813
20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05822 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05833 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05834 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05835 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05849 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05859 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05871 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05903 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05904 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05905 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05907 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05908 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05929 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05941 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05948 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05949 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05950 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05953 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05957 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05961 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05962 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05965 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05967 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05990 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_05994 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06058 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06059 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06060 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06074 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06080 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06141 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06142 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06150 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06152 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06155 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06158 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06165 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06181 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06198 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06233 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06246 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06251 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06299 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06437 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06525 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06526 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06535 20151017_Kristin_Ivan-Mt-Woodson-Castle-Wedding_06584

Video | Side by Side Cinema | San Diego Wedding Venue

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Amazing clips from Angela & Kristina’s wedding at the Castle

Video by Side by Side Cinema

Vendors – Bliss Events, Personal Touch Dining, The Groove, Kristen Peelle Photography, Sweet Lydias and Bespoke 

12339191_10153876899409208_2974368059079028908_o 12371231_10153876901399208_7212235718226300939_o

Sarah and Anthony|Heidi-O-Photo|San Diego Wedding Venue

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Sarah and Anthony shared their beautiful day with friends and family on November 14, 2015 at our lovely venue. Personal Touch Dining teamed up with one of our favorites, Coastyle Events, to create an extraordinary day for the couple and their guests! Heidi O Photo captured every exciting moment that Sarah and Anthony will hold onto forever. Sugar Rose Flowers put together stunning bouquets and arrangements with colors that filled the room with simple yet gorgeous shades of pink.

We are so excited for Sarah and Anthony and are very grateful we had the chance to work with them!

Special Thanks: Dj Ansom Productions, VGs Bakery, & Side by Side Cinema



151114_WED_0012_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0440_sarah_anthony

151114_WED_0018_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0444_sarah_anthony
151114_WED_0448_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0450_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0453_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0469_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0489_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0495_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0497_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0500_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0501_sarah_anthony

151114_WED_0512_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0511_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0506_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0487_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0470_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0457_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0456_sarah_anthony
151114_WED_0454_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0443_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0441_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0436_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0416_sarah_anthony

151114_WED_0279_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0324_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0261_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0250_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0234_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0222_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0108_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0081_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0072_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0071_sarah_anthony


151114_WED_0208_sarah_anthony 151114_WED_0595_sarah_anthony











Jessica + Jared | Vahe and Trevea | Friday, April 19th, 2013

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Love these photos! Jessica and Jared celebrated their wedding ceremony on the Front Lawn of the Castle and then moved down to the Lower Lawn for a wonderful reception. Friend’s of the Bride and Groom, Vahe and Trevea, took the beautiful photos of the couples great day!


Catering – Personal Touch Dining

Cake – Flour Power

DJ – Pat Connolly – Sound Prodigy

Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (13)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (14)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (12)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (8)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (21)

Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (9)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (38)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (42)

Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (35)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (37)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (2)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (32)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (16)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (15)

Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (18)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (4)

Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (42)  Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (36)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (30)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (40)Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (29)          Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (39)

Jessica and Jared - Mt. Woodson Castle - Personal Touch Dining (19)

Kyle + Melina | Campbellicious Videography | Highlight Wedding Video

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Kyle + Melina – Highlight Wedding Video from campbellicious on Vimeo.